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Travel and Learn In Canada

Canada Is Our Classroom

Our unique teen travel program serves international students ages 14 through 17 years who are excited to travel through Canada exploring the great outdoors while improving their English Language skills with native English speakers. Oklii Adventures in English programs are ideal for students that are ready for a fully immersive experience complete with sightseeing and adventure. Join our Adventures in English program as we explore two distinct areas of Canada. The West Coast Adventure, starting in Vancouver, with stops in Whistler, Kelowna, Banff  to Calgary and everything in between, and our Eastern Explorer visiting Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Mont Tremblant, Montreal, Quebec City and more!

Why Choose Us?

Picture Perfect

Our tours cover the most beautiful areas of Canada and many of our most exciting cities. Every destination has been carefully chosen to ensure our students have the ultimate Canadian experience. We offer adrenaline filled activities alongside major tourist landmarks! The coolest activities every teenager will love, and friendships that last a lifetime!

English Immersion

Oklii Tours is dedicated to improving our students English Language skills through informal conversations as well as structured time to develop vocabulary and everyday conversation skills. We lean heavily towards experiential learning because we know from experience this is how youth learn best. 

Trusted & Professional

With over 20 years in youth development and education, Oklii’s leadership team is made up of professionals who have the experience to provide the ultimate learning environment for your teenager. We care deeply about the growth and development of our participants, and make this our number one priority.

Passionate Educators

Our tour leaders are all passionate educators who have chosen Oklii for our company values and commitment to service excellence.  Every tour is staffed with 5 adult leaders, all of whom are native English speakers, skilled at teaching and mentoring youth, and share our passion for travel and adventure. Oklii Tours is perfect for teens who are travelling for the first time on their own! 

Mostly Inclusive

At Oklii your trip fees cover almost all expenses (except for airfare, daily lunch and souvenir monies). Once your student is registered on our tour, you can relax knowing all accommodations, all activities, airport transfers and travel insurance are included, as well as breakfast and dinner!   We provide the safety and comfort that parents want, knowing their teen is completely taken care of as soon as they arrive at our Canadian destination airport.

Fast Booking

Booking your spot on one of our Tours is simple and fast! Just choose your tour and complete the online registration.

Life Skills

Choosing Oklii Tours goes beyond an education in English.  Participants on our tours also gain independence, confidence, empathy, tolerance and respect, and an extended network of lifelong friends from all over the world. Our tours provide the ultimate classroom for personal growth and the development of everyday life skills.

Confidence Building

We recognize not all students will be at the same level of English and it is important that every one of our students feels comfortable and able to participate. It is important for confidence building that participants join the tour with appropriate English knowledge to truly benefit from the experience. All participants must be able to communicate their basic needs in English as a base minimum for participation.


West Coast Adventure

21 Days

Eastern Explorer

21 Days