Oklii Tours – Adventures in English provides daily conversational English programming, with the intention of developing the language skills of each and every student who joins us. A benefit of living in English for an extended time is the natural development of a North American English accent. 

Our days are packed with adventure and fun, all delivered in English by native speakers.  Our evenings have a slower pace and are focused on small group discussions lead by one of our leaders and a Canadian peer, allowing our students to reflect on their adventures from the day developing their vocabulary and sentence structure in a comfortable and safe environment. 

On all Oklii tours you can expect to:

  • Build your English vocabulary

  • Improve your English accent

  • Enhance your conversational skills

  • Build confidence in everyday language skill

  • Expand their international network

Experience Canadian Culture

Studies confirm that the proper use of languages, preferably English, is one of the skills most sought by companies today. More, taking into account the new paradigm that is presented before us, in which English will be essential.

All travel programs accommodate up to 48 students. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:10, ensuring close supervision and personal attention to each student.

We enjoy a perfect mix of resort stays, premium hotels and university dorms. All accommodations are arranged as single gender rooms.

All breakfasts and dinners are included in the price of the tri

We hire private fully equipped coach busses for the comfort of our students and teachers. All busses are fitted with an on board washroom and TV system for movies and other media that will deliver additional English Language programming while we are on the road travelling between destinations.  We take every opportunity to immerse the students in the English language!

Oklii will arrange for the pick up and drop off of all our program participants. There is no additional fee for this service.

It is suggested that students of Oklii programs always travel with some local Canadian currency on their person along with an ATM bank card. Participants are required to purchase lunch daily as well as any desired snacks or souvenirs. Oklii’s fees are otherwise all inclusive!

Included in our trip fees!  Oklii provides full coverage travel insurance.